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RPT Toner builds excellent
remanufactured toner cartridges
and long lasting partnerships.
We are an MBE and proud of it.

Founded in 2006, RPT Toner has quickly become
the recognized industry leader in providing the
wholesale and remanufacturer communities with
first to market solutions for color and niche laser
cartridge imaging supplies. With a focus on
product quality and a passion (and budget)
for R&D, RPT Toner has leveraged its engineering
experience and expertise to achieve rapid
growth in a mature marketplace with well
established competition.

Because RPT Toner has carefully managed growth,
we are able to consistently provide what
we call "Boutique-like" customer service that
results in relationships that become partnerships.
At nearly 28,500 cartridges produced each month,
RPT Toner is big enough to compete with the
monoliths while being agile enough to provide
customized terms and service options so our
clients always feel like a big fish in a small pond.  

With over 475 unique SKUS produced in our owned
and operated 50K sq. ft. facility in Bensenville, IL
(Yup! That's right. Made in America that's actually
Made in America) our clients can sell with confidence
knowing that RPT Toner's products are made to the
highest quality standards, TAA compliant, free from IP
issues and unconditionally indemnified by RPT Toner.

Given the current legal landscape and considering
what action the OEM's are likely to take in the future
now more than ever companies who sell aftermarket
imaging supplies need to know their company, their
brand and their reputation are safe from legal scrutiny.
Now is the time to consider talking with RPT Toner.
Buy American. Help create jobs in America.
Support American manufacturing.

Don't risk all that you've worked for because
you can buy 12A's for a dollar.


ISO 9001:2008 is a set of standards and guidelines for quality in the manufacturing and service industries from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO certification ensures that the processes that develop the product are documented and performed in a quality conscious manner.


STMC stands for the Standardized Test Methods Committee. The International Imaging Technology Council administers the STMC program which assures its proper usage and polices against misuse of the STMC program and logos. For more than a decade, the STMC symbol has been the remanufacturing industry's indicia of quality. The test methods are used to evaluate toner printer cartridge performance. STMC uses certain ASTM test methods to evaluate a finished cartridge in comparison to another cartridge, usually an OEM cartridge. 


The mission of the Chicago Minority  Supplier Development Council, Inc. (ChicagoMSDC) is to be the premier organization for increasing value added business opportunities between major buying organizations and minority-owned businesses.

Here are a few facts that we are proud to share with you:


All incoming materials are inspected against
stringent quality standards before they
reach the production floor.


Only premium empty cartridges are
selected to ensure optimal quality.


All packaging materials, used hoppers
and non-conforming components
are disassembled and recycled.


Empty cartridges are carefully disassembled
and cleaned; RPT Toner then splits the hopper
using a proprietary process with custom
splitting equipment and the hopper
for the sealing phase.


Using automated filling equipment,
each cartridge is precisely filled to
the exact specified weight.


Each toner hopper is sealed with an OEM
style seal. Our quality sealing process
ensures a leak-proof cartridge
that is easy for the consumer to install.


Our factory-trained technicians assemble
all cartridges with OEM grade compatible
components (up to 75% new components
are used in each cartridge.) The assembly
process includes the installation
of a pre-qualified drum, wiper
blade, doctor blade, PCR
and magnetic roller.


Each and every cartridge is post tested,
utilizing industry standard print tests
to ensure outstanding performance
and quality.


All cartridges receive a final inspection to
ensure they conform to our stringent quality
standards. Cartridges are cleaned, polished,
heat-sealed in a static resistant bag
and boxed. A full set of instructions
and warranty information is included.


Each step in our manufacturing process is
monitored by dedicated Quality Control experts.
Each step in our production process undergoes
regular and spot inspections to guarantee
that our products will meet the
expectations of the consumer.

Intellectual Properties (IPs) have been a rising focus in the imaging aftermarket. RPT genuinely remanufactures our own cartridges rather than using cloning OEMs. We want you and your business to beware of such issues and to avoid the risk of patent infringement.

Product Misrepresentation

The past five years have seen an enormous increase in legal action from OEMs and signs point to this trend continuing to rise. The OEMS have sued cartridge resellers for labelling a clone cartridge as remanufactured, using a few dozen patents so far, representing a very small portion of their available IP profile. It is important to know if your cartridge was genuinely remanufactured to prevent your company from being sued for product misrepresentation.

Patent Infringement

General Exclusion Orders (GEO)

GEOs issued by the International Trade Commission (ITC) to block infringing products from importation


Epson Ink Cartidges

Epson’s stock soared as clone competitors were taken out of the marketplace.


Lexmark Toner Cartridges

Lexmark actively searches for infringing cartridges. Many dealers are paying fines to stay out of court.


Canon/HP Toner Cartridges (Forthcoming)

ITC Judge has issued an initial determination that renders this GEO all but inevitable. It will affect dozens of the most popular cartridges in the US.

OEM Patent Portfolio

Keep Your Business Safe

Knowingly selling clone products is business suicide.
Do not buy clone products. They are not IP-safe and put a target on your business.
Ignorance of the origin of your products will not be a legal defense.
Make sure you are buying genuine remanufactured cartridges.
Know your vendors and suppliers. If they are sued, you may be next.
Ask them about their supply chain.
Work only with trusted vendors and suppliers.

For more information, visit the following websites:

International Imaging Technology Council

European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association

Imaging Supplies Coalition

RPT Manifesto

1.RPT Toner respects OEM patents and rights and ensures all products remanufactured by RPT Toner to be free of IP issues.

2. RPT Toner products are manufactured using non-infringing components.

3. Resellers are indemnified against OEM litigation.

4. RPT Toners products are guaranteed to match or exceed OEM performance.

RPT Toner builds over 475 skus; ideal for:

Color Laser Toner

First to market strategy for new color printers from Brother, Dell, HP, lexmark and Xerox
Use of chemical toners for optimal, OEM-like performance
Digital auto filling
OEM benchmark testing
Single page test mode to maximize component wear

Mono Laser Toner

Made in the USA, remanufactured laser cartridges for Lexmark
Full line of Xerox phaser remanufactured laser cartridges
Digital auto filling
OEM benchmark testing
Single page test mode to maximize component wear

MICR Toner Cartridges

Robust offering to include printers for Dell, HP, IBM, Lexmark,
Source Technologies and Xerox
Meets all US and CDN banking standards
Excellent cost savings compared to the OEM

Extended Yield

Increased profits for MPS + CPP programs
Print up to 125% over OEM yields
SMTC certified
Digital auto filling
Single page test mode to maximize component wear

All of RPT’s Customer Service team members are trained to provide full technical service and support for all the products we sell. Customer Service Representatives undergo extensive product line training and are authorized to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

We offer three tiers of support to fit the needs of our customers:

Tier 1

Technical Support

Dedicated support team for
troubleshooting the most common
product related questions.
Immediate access to Tier 2 support

Tier 2

Inside Technical Support Team

2 dedicated Tier 2 technical support
associates, each averaging over 5
years of industry experience

Tier 2 Support includes:

Technical strategies to resolves
technical issues
Product support: toner
Escalated evaluation
RMAs & Reporting
Hour of operation M-F 8am to 5pm CST

Tier 3

Field Resolution Team

Nationwide service dispatch
Access to 1500 service technicians
Product support: toner
Service dispatch Monday through
Friday 8am to 5pm CST
Pre-sales & post-sales support

Situated 20 miles west of Chicago, our Bensenville, IL distribution facility is ideally located
to support resellers with a short lead time of one or two days for major markets in the Midwest,
South and Northeast; from Dallas to Minneapolis, Atlanta to Philly and everywhere in between,
RPT has you covered.

1-2 Day Transit Time

Why use remanufactured cartridges?

Click here to view our digital brochure, introducing the Reliance brand.

Get in touch with us.

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